To Be King - piosenka usunięta z filmu Król Lew. Miała być śpiewana przez Mufasę, Zazu i różne zwierzęta z Lwiej Ziemi, gdy Mufasa uczy Simbę o byciu królem.


To be king is a huge obligation
It's not just a license for fun
And since you're the next generation
And even more, since you're my son

I owe you a dad's explanation
That a lifetime of duties begun
But don't get depressed
You get ranked with the best
I'll tell you how, one to one

To be king is a daunting position

But who gives a hoot when you're hot

He must uphold both the law and tradition

But the perks make up for a lot!

In short, he's a master tactician
Who must give every subject a shot

From termite to tusker

From dawn until dusk-ah

Mufasa and Zazu:
A king gives it all that he's got!

King, head honcho, master commander
Ruler of all you survey
Up in the mountains
Down in the flat lands
My, what a beautiful day
King, protector, paterfamilias, to his duty reconciled
Rock of the ages
Feast for all seasons
Mighty king
Mighty king
Mighty king of the wild


  • Piosenka została usunięta, ponieważ nie pasowała do głosu aktora grającego Mufasę.


Mufasa's song "To Be King" - Deleted Scene - FullHD 1080p - EN Subs

Mufasa's song "To Be King" - Deleted Scene - FullHD 1080p - EN Subs

To Be King (napisy PL)